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Magnetic Adjustable Coupling (MAC) - For Speed Control & Energy Saving
Art of Technology (Please Play Video)
* Revolutionary drive technology for transmitting torque through the air gap.
* No mechanical connection between the motor and the load device.
* Eddy current created on conductor.
* Eddy current induces a magnetic field on conductor to perform torque transmission.

Core Technology
MaxForce MAC is a revolutionary drive technology transmission torque across air gap.
There is no mechanical connection between motor and the load.
When motor driving the non-ferrous conductor rotor with relative motion with NdFeB magnet rotor to cut magnetic lines,
generating eddy currents and then induced magnetic filed to pull the magnet rotor rotate
to achieve a non-contact torque transmission between the motor and load.
The conductor rotor to magnet rotor is closer, the magnetic field generated by cutting magnetic line is stronger,
the torque of driving load is bigger, the rotation speed is higher.
The highest speed is up to 98% of the motor speed.
On the contrary, the conductor rotor to magnet rotor is more faraway,
the magnet field is weaker, the torque of driving load is smaller, the load rotation speed is slower.

* Step-less speed adjustment, Energy-efficient
* Simple, reliable Mechanical structure, no power supply required
* Cushing start-up (Significantly reduce the impact current)
* Not affected by stalling and electric pulse, improve overall motor drive system reliability
* Electric harmonic free (Not affect other electrical equipment and the power quality)
Innovative Structure
MaxForce Magnet Adjustable drive is composed by three parts:
* Conductor Rotor — Connect with the motor.
* Magnet Rotor — Connect with the load.
* Mechanical Air gap adjustment mechanism.
Higher efficient energy saving
Permanent magnet speed adjusting technology, by adjusting the air gap to control the pump or fan speed to achieve continuous control for flow, pressure. The purpose is to replace the traditional way by controlling a valve or damper opening.

Motor output torque = The torque required to drive load fans or pumps
Centrifugal load as fans or pumps in line with Affinity law
Torque change is proportional to the square of the speed change T1/T2= (n1/n2)2
Power = T X U (torque x RPM)
Motor output power is proportional to the square of the speed ratio of the load devices:

Energy Saving & Efficiency
Energy Saving & Efficiency
Automatic control and closed-loop control

MAC-D equipped with the mature technology of electric or pneumatic actuators,
connected with a mechanical speed control mechanism, receiving 4~20 mA control signal to adjust the MAC air gap for online adjusting load speed.
Control signal can be generated by DCS system or PLC control box, perform the remote control or automatic control and also closed-loop control.

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