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Magnetic Adjustable Coupling (MAC) - For Speed Control & Energy Saving
Application Industries
In the petroleum and petrochemical industry, oil extraction, oil refining and chemical production processes, on electrical and mechanical equipment such as pumps, fans running reliability and stability has very high requirements.  How can we ensure the long-term and stable operation of the equipment, and can achieve high efficiency and energy saving, realize the greatest economic benefit.
MaxForce MAC with the advantage of high reliability and reduced vibration, protection of motor and load, high efficient speed control and energy saving, simple installation and maintenance, is the best safety and energy-saving choice for mechanical-electrical power equipment of petroleum and petrochemical industry.
Power plant steam turbines, boilers, fuel, water and other power equipment in the system, such as condensed water pump, induced fan, blower, belt conveyor, bucket, cooling water pumps, coolant pumps and other power equipment, rarely have a spare machine, actual production requirements on equipment operation stability, security, reliability is very high.
MaxForce MAC technology can improve the operation of the power plant equipment reliability, and small amount of operation maintenance, and has a very good speed control and energy saving effect.
Metallurgical industry from sintering, iron-making, steel-making, coke and other production processes, requires a lot of water, air so needs pump, blower equipment. Metallurgical has high dust pollution, high temperature, high energy consumption of equipment operation, high demand for installation and maintenance work.
MaxForce MAC can be applied in dust fan, the combustion fan, ring cooler, high and low pressure pump, cooling pumps, conveyor belts, crushers and other power equipment with advantage of easy installation and high reliability, energy-saving and consumption reduction.

Applicable Equipment
♦ Pump
♦ Fan
♦ Belt conveyor
♦ Crusher
♦ Coal mill
♦ Air preheater
♦ Bucket
♦ Scraper conveyor
♦ Cooling tower fan

Technical Characteristics
♦ Safe, secure
♦ Low failure rate, less maintenance
♦ Simple installation, easy alignment
♦ Isolating and reducing vibration
♦ Motor soft start
♦ Overload or locked rotor protection
♦ Step-less speed control, high efficiency and energy saving
♦ Harmonic shock and pollution free
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